In the Media

DVD Presentation

Watertite‘s Step by Step Proven Process

“…see first hand how Watertite has become the industry leader in preventing water damage and repairing foundation problems in your home”


Global News – Nov. 2010

Copper Theft

“…be vigilant on protecting your own property…”

Global News – Consumer SOS

Flood Prevention

“…if that water seeps into your basement…”

Global News – Consumer SOS

How to fend off a flood

“…if you’re a home owner the thaw is a call to action”

City News at 6 – July 2008

Record number of flooded basements

“…people are in denial about the problem they have.”

Global News – April 2003

Record number of flooded basements

“…people are in denial about the problem they have.”

Global News – March 2003

Concern over rising water levels

“…the leaky basement flooding will only increase if and when the rain starts falling.”



City News – July 2008

“There’s nothing you can do to stop it until you excavate it and waterproof it.”


The Toronto Star – December 2008

“Traditionally, you’re not doing waterproofing this time of year.”


The Globe and Mail – April 2004

New In Homes

“[Quincy] a two year old lab is the first and only mould detection dog in Canada.”


The Globe and Mail – January 2004

Your Healthy Home

“[Watertite] does about 400 estimates per season, and 80 percent of those have visible mould”


The Globe and Mail – October 2003

Resale Homes

“Angelo Garaci, owner of Watertite Waterproofers, made the most sense with his solution…”


The Globe and Mail – May 2000

City mops up wet basements, floating debris

“Mr. Garaci dispenses advice to traumatized residents…”



Ontario Home Builders Winter 2003

Mould Media – Should you be nervous?

“They’re worried about their health and the health of their children…”



“…such as this growth found in the basement of a Toronto, Ontario home.”


680 News

National Home Show

“If you want it done right…call Watertite!”


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