Mould & Mildew

If a healthy home environment is a priority for you and your family, then you need to be aware of the potential health risks lurking in your own basement.

Our vast experience in the waterproofing business, backed by comprehensive scientific studies indicate that 98% of all basements have sustained or will sustain varying degrees of damage resulting from uncontrolled moisture.

The most hideous and destructive effect of long-term moisture is mould, if left untreated, it can turn your home into a virtual breeding ground for a variety of health risks. Mould appears on your exposed walls and behind your finished walls, floors and personal belongings as a stain, a black furry growth, or a mushroom-like organism. Mould is caused by airborne parasitic organisms called fungi that thrive in damp places and carries more than just an offensive odour as it has the potential to erode most materials in your basement. Over the long-term, if left untreated, mould can destroy finish work and can pose a threat to your home’s structural integrity. If this is not enough to underscore the urgency of routine inspection and maintenance against mould infestation, then consider further the possibility of mould as a serious health hazard.

The most common species of mould are Cladosporium, Penicillium, Aspergillus, and the much more harmful Stachybotrys Chartarum, which is associated with several health risks. Stachybotrys is greenish-black and grows on materials containing large levels of cellulose such as drywall, plywood and ceiling tiles. Unfortunately, Stachybotrys resembles other moulds and its presence can only be confirmed by trained professionals. (Watertite will gladly arrange for scientific laboratory testing if requested or required)*

It has been proven that moulds can pose mild to severe health risks, especially to infants and the elderly. With children, mould has the same respiratory effects as second-hand cigarette smoke. Excessive exposure can trigger allergies, flu like symptoms, headaches, asthma attacks, pneumonia, chronic fatigue, rashes, fungal infections and in some cases has the potential to be fatal. Statistics confirm that most symptoms disappear after the contamination has been removed, but mould removal is a temporary cure at best. The most effective measure against this insidious organism is to stop it at its source. By preventing the moisture from entering the basement foundation walls with the use of a professional waterproofing system installed by Watertite, you can be assured that one of the most important steps in preventing the development of mould has been completed.

You do not have to be one of mould’s unsuspecting victims. Watertite Waterproofers Limited shares your goals of having a healthy, leak-free home. We believe that your basement is the first line of defense against mould infestations and structural damage and toward that end we offer industry-leading methods of internal and external waterproofing. Studies have shown that the amount of indoor pollution can reach levels that are 6 to 10 times higher than the outside air in most major cities and since most people spend over 70% of their time in their homes, this should be taken very seriously.

Please call to arrange for your no-charge on-site consultation. ** One of our professionals will visit your home and assess the level of dampness in your basement foundation walls. With the use of a Moisture Metering device, and potentially a Thermal Imaging Camera, our experts can help you identify the area and severity of your problem and at the same time provide you with repair solutions.

* Charges will apply for professional scientific testing
** “No charge” only applicable to our in-house inspections, charges will apply for professional scientific testing.