The Watertite Way

At Watertite our approach to your home stems from a belief that not only the upper floors but also your basement should be dry, free of mould and healthy. Over the last ten years it has become obvious that the basement is no longer just utilitarian space that is used for storage and to house your furnace, but a space that is used for living. Basements have become an integral part of the home that in some cases increase the usable living area by up to 50 % at a mere fraction of the cost of a typical rear addition or second story addition. It is for this reason we feel that every basement should be inspected for excessive dampness, leakage and overall integrity whether it is currently living space or soon to become.

Once called upon, a Watertite representative will provide you with an overall assessment of what your home really needs. This simply means that we are not afraid of telling our Customers the full Scope of Work in order to get the job done right, the first time. Unlike other firms, it is not our intent to sell you more work once the project has started, but rather present you with all of your options and potential extras before the first shovels have hit the ground. We want to make sure we allow homeowners the opportunity to make the choice that suits their needs and that of their home. This process begins from our first assessment and ends with a detailed quote providing homeowners a thorough account of our findings and recommendations. In addition to providing you with our quote package, we always encourage potential clients to obtain at least two other estimates in order to feel comfortable in their decision. As a matter of fact, we even provide you with a helpful checklist (see back panel) that allows you to ask the right questions and helps you make sure the Contractors who are providing you with an estimate, have the proper qualifications.

Our goal at Watertite is to provide homeowners with a complete, fair and competitively priced estimate while answering all of the important questions up front. At the same time, by obtaining other quotes and comparing companies, homeowners can feel very comfortable that in hiring Watertite, they have chosen the company with the experience and expertise to get the job done right at a fair price.


Following our initial on-site visit, which in most cases includes a full interior/exterior inspection, testing with a Moisture Meter, and if required a Thermal Imaging Camera, our office will provide you with a no-charge fully detailed estimate package. This package will either be dropped off at your door or sent via email.

Included in your package will be a full description of the work specific to your home; consisting of a wall-by-wall breakdown of the service we are providing with all the related costs, detailed steps to waterproofing, our licensing and insurance details, a full referral package with a minimum of twenty letters and a copy of the 20 Year (transferable) Watertite Leakage Warranty. In the case of our email packages you can visit our website to review all the same information as well as a great deal more. Our detailed estimate packages have been tailored to suit the needs of the discerning client and provide the information you require to make a confident and well planned decision. As a result of our ongoing efforts to constantly improve our service we have developed an estimate package which is second to none in the waterproofing industry. We encourage our potential clients to obtain several competitive estimates in order to feel comfortable in their final decision. As is our policy, Watertite will attempt to match or beat any competitors pricing, in writing, for the same type of work that we have originally quoted.

Upon awarding Watertite the project, our expert team will come to your home and provide you with the professional service you require to fix your problem right the first time. Our initial site preparation and planning, including, in most cases, a full set of Digital Photos, will make the project proceed as smoothly as possible and lead to a fast completion. As a result of the majority of our work being hand dug and our diligent efforts to protect your property as well as your neighbourÕs, you can rest assured that our clean-up process will be completed quickly, restoring all areas as closely as possible to their original condition with the least amount of disruption. Our crew of professionals will be on your site each day Ñ consecutively, until the work is completed. Our site foreman will be there to assure you the project is being completed quickly and properly, while making himself available to answer any of your questions throughout the course of the project. Also, our office staff is available either directly or via personal pagers 24 hours a day 7 days a week including all holidays. Watertite and its staff take pride in the fact that they make themselves available each and every time you call.

During the completion phase of your project we will make every effort possible to restore your valuable hard and soft landscaping. When required, our crew will use the digital photos that were taken at the beginning of the project as a map to ensure everything is in its original place. This will include; concrete, asphalt, interlocking stone, decking, walkways, A/C units and all other forms of topping materials as well as small trees, plants and shrubbery. Also, if photos where taken of your project, and should you request a copy, our office will gladly provide you a CD of the photos at no additional charge.

Let Watertite make a difficult and unpleasant situation become as hassle free as possible. Call today for your no-charge on-site consultation.