Leaky Basement Repair

Leaky Basement

Leaky Basement Treatment in Progress

Do you have a damp, wet or leaky basement? Have you noticed seepage or mould? If so, Watertite has the solution!

Watertite has specialized in leaky basements for more than 20 years. Our safe and 100% effective waterproofing methods, whether it is interior or exterior, can be used on concrete, block, brick or stone foundations.

Waterproofing your damp, wet or leaky basement will create a healthier environment in your home by eliminating moisture. This moisture, if left untreated, which introduces a variety of associated health risks. Combating the growth of mould in one’s home is crucial to living a lifestyle, especially if there are children in the household. Additionally, mould will devalue your home and make it harder to sell in the future.

Why Choose Watertite for Leaky Basement Repair?

Watertite will be honest and direct with you regarding what needs to be done about your wet basement. We will not pressure you into a quick decision with a contract in hand. We will outline to you our assessment and solution to your problem in a detailed and easy to understand manner. This will include a written, step by step proposal of the work required and a copy of our written, transferable 25 year warranty. In addition to providing you with our quote package, we always encourage potential clients to obtain at least two other estimates in order to feel comfortable in their decision. As a matter of fact, we even provide you with a helpful checklist that allows you to ask the right questions and helps you make sure the Contractors who are providing you with an estimate, have the proper qualifications

So if you are wet, damp or leaky basement is keeping you up at night, call the professionals with the experience, the expertise and the commitment to get the job done right. Call Watertite!

To see our step-by-step waterproofing process, just click here.