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Leaky Basement

Leaky Basement Treatment in Progress

Do you have a damp, wet or leaky basement? Have you noticed seepage or mould? If so, Watertite Waterproofers have the solution!

Watertite Waterproofers have specialized in leaky basement repairs and foundation waterproofing for more than 20 years. Our safe and 100% effective waterproofing methods, whether it is interior or exterior, can be used on concrete, block,  brick or stone foundations.

We will access the structural integrity of your foundation and will determine the best course of action based on its current condition, age and damages. 

Is your basement leaky?

Although the final answer will have to be determined by detailed inspection and assessment, and if needed with the help of thermal imaging. Watch for these signs once you are in the basement:

  • wet smell and presence of moisture
  • water collecting on the floor 
  • warping drywall, flooring and carpeting
  • presence of insects: centipedes, silverfish, woodlouse and earwigs 
  • growth of mould and mildew

Routine basement & foundation inspection for leaks should be done in spring, after the snow melts, and after heavy rainfalls, when hydrostatic pressure in the soil reaches its maximum and some of the problems become visible. Check the perimeter of the foundation of your house for visible cracks & proximity of mature trees that might undermine your foundation & destroy weeping tile. 

Optimizing water flow around your house will go a long way , also it will not prevent leaks in your basement completely. Make sure that the downspouts direct the water away from the house during rainfalls and water does not collect around your foundation. Concrete, soaked in water will deteriorate much faster causing major problems ranging from leaky basement, to affecting the structural support in future.    

Waterproofing your damp, wet or leaky basement will create a healthier environment in your home by eliminating moisture. Excessive moisture in the basement, if left without attention will:

  • Promote Mould & Mildew growth and spreading throughout the house; 
  • Will pose serious health risks to the health of your family;
  • Will contribute to deterioration of your house foundation and potential deterioration
  • Will deem your basement to be unusable space and unfit for further renovations 

Although appearance of mould and mildew, at first, might only seem a minor cosmetic problem, once it appears the situation is more serious than you might think. Mould, having set in in the places with excessive moisture will start spreading rapidly around the house. 

Multiple clinical studies have linked presence of mould to health conditions ranging from chronic fatigue to asthma.  Moreover, the visible signs of mould are only a tip of the iceberg, if it already becomes visible, it means, in most cases, it is already behind your drywall and air ducts.

Once the moisture is discovered in your leaky basement, you do have to get a conclusive assessment of the damage. If you do not address your leaky basement problem right away, you will end up paying more with time , as the damages will become more severe, rendering the place unusable and deteriorating. 

leaky basement renovation in torontoWe use professional diagnostic equipment for those hard to reach areas behind the drywall, tiling, and under the flooring. The equipment shows the problem areas and helps to identify cracks without the need to tear down the whole areas of your basement. Sometimes, the excess water gathers not where the actual leaks are depending on the floor incline.  

In, fact, if diagnostics done properly, you might discover that it is not your basement that is leaking, after all. It might as well be plumbing, or even, sometimes a leaky roof. In this case, no major waterproofing efforts are needed, just plumbing repair and some cosmetic renovation. 

Do not be afraid to call for an assessment! Sometimes, you might discover that the problems are not as big as you have anticipated. On thorough inspection, however you will find out the the condition of your foundation, and will know exactly what has to be done. We will take all the guesswork out of the situation!  


Why Choose Watertite Waterproofers for  your Leaky Basement Repair?

Watertite Waterproofers will be honest and direct with you regarding what needs to be done about your leaky basement. We will not pressure you into a quick decision with a contract in hand. We will outline to you our assessment and solution to your problem in a detailed and easy to understand manner. This will include a written, step by step proposal of the work required and a copy of our written, transferable 25 year warranty.

  • We have a large dedicated team of professionals ready to tackle your project fast 
  • We offer free no- obligation assessment
  • We use thermal imaging to diagnose your foundation condition
  • We offer a detailed step by step estimate
  • We provide 25 year warranty


In addition to providing you with our quote package, we always encourage potential clients to obtain at least two other estimates in order to feel comfortable in their decision. As a matter of fact, we even provide you with a helpful checklist that allows you to ask the right questions and helps you make sure the Contractors who are providing you with an estimate, have the proper qualifications. 


So if you are wet, damp or leaky basement is keeping you up at night, call the professionals with the experience, the expertise and the commitment to get the job done right. Call Watertite!

To find out more about our step-by-step waterproofing process and what it can do to improve usability of your basement, please click here.