Leaky Basement in Etobicoke

Are you living in Etobicoke and have concerns about leaky basement? If your house is an older construction (over 30 years old) or newer house expansion but built on older foundation – you have every reason to be concerned. Etobicoke, as one of the older parts of Toronto, with its beautiful neighborhoods such as Thistletown, Kingsway, Eatonville, Centennial Park Area, Rexdale, Humbertown is also located on the banks of Humber river and is considered to be one of the 42 flood vulnerable areas in Toronto.

Although this fact has not been a serious deterrent from buying property in this area or simply enjoying the lovely neighborhoods in Etobicoke, there are should be simple ways to minimize the potential effects of proximity of Humber river. Inspect your basement for leaks and foundation damages on the regular basis, especially in spring – if there are any potential problems.

  • Musty smell in the basement
  • Visible cracks on the exterior of the house
  • Visual leaks on the interior of your basement foundation
  • Warping or lifting drywall or flooring
  • Excessive humidity

If you suspect that your basement absorbs excessive moisture, but it is hard to pinpoint the area call our professionals – we will use thermal imaging to identify the problem. 

If my house is not in direct proximity of the Humber River, is my basement still at the risk of flooding?

With elevated water levels in the river itself, especially during the beginning of spring when snow melts, or ice jams the river and obstructs the flow of water, as well as during storms and inclement weather (the worst impact was inflicted by hurricane Hazel back in 1954) the ground waters, however not visible, rise as well creating hydro-static pressure adding extra stress on your foundation. If the foundation is weak, crumbling and already have pre existing cracks your basement is under risk of flooding.

If your house is older than 30 years and you do suspect that your basement is leaky, Call us 416-410-5326, or 416-533-9976, or fill out this form for a professional estimate.