Expanding Your Living Space? A Finished Basement May be the Answer! But is it Waterproof?

basement waterproofed and finishedIs your house getting a bit too tight for your growing family, but you love the location and don’t want to move? The obvious answer is to turn your basement into livable space. Think of all the possibilities! You can turn it into family room where the family can finally fit all together and play your favorite board games, “do not enter” room for your independent teenager or forever student, or in- law suit for your relatives or nanny.  No matter what your goals are, once you have decided to finish your basement it is important to do it right from the very beginning. Before you start any planning or major work make sure it is waterproof so that you will not have to rip it apart later.

Your renovation contractor may be diligent enough to notice if the basement shows any signs of a leaky foundation. Or, they may be in a hurry to finish and move on to the next project and overlook a minor problem that can turn into a major one down the road. It is always a good idea to take a good look yourself and ask the right questions. Of course the best time to inspect your basement when the interior walls and concrete floor are still exposed.  Have you noticed that:

  • Your basement has that musty wet smell?
  • Obvious cracks?
  • Have you noticed any wetness or water seepage in the spring or after heavy rain? 
  • Have you seen any water pooling on the floor or in the corners?
  • Do you notice centipedes, silverfish, mold mites, or sow bugs scurrying around?
  • Is there any white efflorescence on the wall?
  • Do you notice any unusual staining, flaking or crumbling on the wall?

If you do – don’t ignore it! A minor problem will become only bigger over time, and for sure will not go away! No, your basement doesn’t have to have that wet smell, and appearance of water on the floor is not normal as “it only happens once a year!” Unfortunately you have just discovered that your basement is leaky, and you do have to take care of the problem before your renovation is scheduled. At Watertite Waterproofers we will be able to help you with thorough and professional inspection and detect and fix your leaks.

What if your basement was finished before, and in the process of upgrading you have discovered wet areas? Do not leave it without attention! The whole area has to be inspected and taken care of not just one spot. If the area in question is hidden by drywall or tiling – we will bring our thermal imaging equipment to identify the area – you will know exactly what is happening behind the walls and will be able to take an informed decision. Sometimes, we understand, the prospect of pausing your major renovation because of leaky basement is really daunting, but we will do our best to help accommodate your timelines while thoroughly doing our part of the job.

So if you feel you might have a problem, are not sure or just want peace of mind give Watertite Waterproofers a call for a free, no obligation inspection today!

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