Expanding Your Living Space? A Finished Basement May be the Answer! But is it Waterproof?

basement waterproofed and finishedIs your house getting a bit too tight for your growing family, but you love the location and don’t want to move? The obvious answer is to turn your basement into livable space. Think of all the possibilities! You can turn it into family room where the family can finally fit all together and play your favorite board games, “do not enter” room for your independent teenager or forever student, or in- law suit for your relatives or nanny.  No matter what your goals are, once you have decided to finish your basement it is important to do it right from the very beginning. Before you start any planning or major work make sure it is waterproof so that you will not have to rip it apart later.

Does Your Basement Show the Signs of Leaking?

leaky basement reapairsIn springtime the elevated levels of ground water due to snow and ice melting puts your basement at the risk of flooding.  With heavy rains in the forecast the risk of basement leaks and flooding drastically increases.  What sets apart the series of recent floods is that they happened not in the areas affected by floods before and came unexpected for unprepared residents. While you can not always have the flexibility to choose the area where you live, there are waterproofing steps that may help you to be better prepared or take in consideration when repairing your basement after the flood. Signs of leaking often means that you have a problem and waterproofing your basement properly is the solution.

Possible Basement Damages After Low-Temperature Winters

The winter season being well in progress for at least a few more weeks is a blessing for those who love the snow. It can immediately become a bane, however, as soon as it passes and you realize that the low temperature inflicted damages to your basement.

That is too big of a mess to handle for anyone, without a doubt. The foundation of the house is there as well, and it won’t be exempted from the havoc that winter may cause.

Spring Basement Leaks

Many basement leaks occur at the beginning of spring, when the snow starts to thaw and the rain is coming down. Why? This is because the subsoil in the middle of the backyard is still frozen, but the soil closer to your house foundation is not. Water follows the path of least resistance, meaning it’s headed straight to your house. Issues in your waterproofing system will allow the water to find the perfect spot to enter into your basement.

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