Basement Waterproofing in North York

Are you concerned about your leaky basement? If there are indications of water penetrating through your house foundation you have every reason to be worried. If you live in North York, and your house is an older construction, or a newly remodeled but still built on older foundation – you can not be too careful with extra basement inspection. Although, as one of the oldest parts of the city North York  and Willowdale boasts plenty of mature trees, which are, of course pleasure to look at and enjoy the shade in summer, but their well developed root system might gradually work on undermining your foundation underground

Is your basement showing signs of excess moisture or open leaks?

Carefully examine your basement, pay extra attention to the exterior walls – move the furniture or stored items to get more access to examine the corners and base of the walls, where the wall meets the flooring (in case of leaky basement this is where water gathers first, and this is where you will be able to see the first signs of water damage – Look out for these signs:

  • Musty smell
  • Excess moisture in the basement
  • Mold and mildew on the walls and in the corners
  • Warping drywall
  • Lifting flooring
  • Visible exterior wall damage
  • Visible water leaks

The truth is, if your basement is already finished, you will not have access to the interior side of the walls as they will be hidden by drywall, or tile. If you do have that distinctive basement smell, but do not see anything suspicious – the chances are the leaks are hidden, or still at earlier stage (which can be fixed with minimal disruption). Leaky basement is a problem that can not be easily dismissed.

If you do not take necessary steps to take care of this problem earlier in the stage. It can lead to gradual deterioration of your foundation, creating health hazards in your home – such as mildew and mold leading to serious health complications, and in the worst case flooding your basement. We have necessary equipment, such as thermal imaging to identify possible leaks and their scale behind the walls, drywall and under flooring. Step by step with you we will be able to determine the size of the foundation damage and pinpoint its location.   

Our team of professional experts in North York will be able to do a free professional assessment of  your leaky basement and offer effective solution .

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