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leaky basement reapairs in toronto If your house is located downtown Toronto (Trinity Bellwoods, Little Italy, Cabbagetown, Corktown, Annex, King West Village, York) chances are it is an older building, or building expansion based on older foundation, built at least 40 years ago. The complexity and age of downtown Toronto infrastructure with frequent excavations and repair, even if the area is not directly adjacent to your house foundation has a direct impact on waterproofing of your basement. 

Not to mention, vibration from traffic and subway system and close proximity of other buildings. You should also not underestimate high rise and multi- storey building construction, which adds extra stress on soil and all the neighboring structures. 

These factors combined with the age of foundations of residential and commercial buildings downtown Toronto, along with aged concrete foundations built according to outdated standards makes your foundation more vulnerable and prone to leaking, and chances are will require waterproofing more often than in other parts of the city.

Do you live Downtown Toronto and your house is older than 30 years? Are you concerned its basement might need waterproofing?

Inspect your basement on regular basis for cracks and leaks! Start with your house exterior – if it shows diagonal cracks on the exterior that are widening from month to month, the chances are it is your foundation has lost the stability and its integrity is compromised leading to leaks in the basement.  If there is a risk or water penetration in your basement it is likely to show in spring or during severe thunderstorms. Regular water diversion techniques (such as having extended downspouts) will definitely go a long way in terms of regular basement foundation maintenance, but will never prevent your basement from leaking completely.

Alon with exposed part of your foundation that is relatively easy to inspect,  the bigger part is actually hidden from view by a thick layer of soil. And of, course there could be all sorts of unpleasant surprises there, from old tree roots undermining the foundation for years, to destroyed or cracked weeping tiles, that can not cope with the water anymore.  

  • Does your basement have a musty smell?
  • Do you feel like you need to run humidifier? 
  • Does your drywall or carpet warp or lifting?
  • Does water collect on the floor after the strong rain?

If any of this looks familiar you might have a leaky basement that requires waterproofing.   

Once discovered the problems like this will require decisive measures. While strengthening foundation with properly done underpinning you may also look at expanding your living space in the basement – turning it into extra family room, or rent it out for extra income.

Whether it is cracked foundation, foundation compromised by older tree roots, or simply leaking caused by ageing of the building, the problem has to be addressed immediately by calling professionals for inspection. Left unattended or ignored the leaky basement problem will never go away, and only will become a bigger problem in the long run. It is not only the matter of unpleasant smell and growing mould in parts of your home. Wet cement loses its supportive strength, and as foundation carries the weight of the entire building, the whole house structure might be compromised over the course of time, resulting in serious structural damage.  

We use latest thermal imaging equipment to identify the potential problems even in those hard to reach and hidden places, and will be able to detect the foundation cracks and leaks behind drywall and tile surfaces.  There is no need to take apart the entire basement if it is finished, just to be able to diagnose the problem properly. 

Our waterproofing techniques will vary depending on the type of basement you have, whether it is:basement waterproofing - problems in Toronto

  • Exposed concrete foundation
  • Brick foundation
  • Stone foundation 

We will take all the necessary steps to make sure the job done properly and the leaking problem is resolved, and you can move on with your basement renovation plans, or simply use it for storage. At the end of the project, once we verify all the work is done, we will provide you with the 25 year transferable warranty, that will guarantee our work whether you continue to live in this house or choose to sell it further down the road. 

Why use our Toronto Watertite Waterproofers basement waterproofing team ?

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Highly professional team of specialists 
  • Team of 15 experienced technicians – to make sure we will finish your project fast
  • Use of newest technologies and materials
  • Thermal imaging equipment on hand
  • 25 year transferable warranty on our work

Our team of professional local experts Downtown Toronto will be able to do a free professional assessment of your leaky basement and offer an effective solution.  As you might be speaking to a few contractors in the process, make sure you follow this checklist to get the facts about your project right and to get all the information that will help you to take informed decision.  

As any work with the foundation of the building it is essential that you check the company’s credentials with Better Business Bureau and check their rating at Homestars, as well as, ask the right questions about the steps that will be taken,  exact techniques and processes & materials used, as well as the expected duration of the project. 

When hiring our team for your project in Toronto you will get all the detailed answers, moreover our work comes with 25 year  transferable warranty.  


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