Basement Underpinning

basement underpinning TorontoIf you’re looking to fix your damaged foundation while lowering your basement at the same time, Watertite has just the experts you need on its team for a basement underpinning project.

If any of the following cases apply to you, then you most certainly require professional basement underpinning:

  • your foundation has lost its initial stability, possibly caused by earthquakes, floods or droughts;
  • nearby excavation or construction has affected your house;
  • your foundation integrity is compromised
  • leaky basement
  • the properties of the soil on which the house rests have changed since the original construction began;
  • you need more headroom to turn your basement into a proper living space (basement lowering);
  • you need your foundation to be able to carry more weight if you are adding an extra story.


What is basement underpinning?


Without going too much into technical detail, let us try us to explain it here. After all, we have only been doing this in Greater Toronto area for 25 years!

Basement underpinning is the process of reinforcing house foundation, where the soil is dug out under the existing foundation and concrete is poured in underneath, extending the foundation in depth. To do that properly, the 4′ holes are dug out at equal 8′ intervals on the perimeter of the foundation and the proper grade concrete is poured in. 

After this the old cement floor is being dug out, and can be excavated further in depth, lowering the basement. With basement underpinning you can go as low as it is technically feasible, an average height of 8″ can be easily achieved for most locations. If you do want to go deeper, additional engineering measures might be taken, to make sure it is strong enough to support the house and will not cave in.

The benefits of basement underpinning are:

  • reinforcing foundation
  • waterproofing basement
  • basement lowering
  • ability to add another story to the house

Of course, as any work involving the house foundation,  basement underpinning requires technical drawings and detailed calculation done by licensed structural engineer. In case you want to add a story  to your house it has to allow for that extra weight and new estimated height of the building. There also might be restrictions if your house foundation is close or adjacent to another house, as often is the case downtown Toronto.  

Any established basement underpinning contractor will make sure that, when excavating and changing the direction of the plumbing and electrical wiring, building standards are met. If you don’t feel like going through all the trouble of obtaining the relevant permits from the municipality before the digging begins, you can also ask us to do it ourselves.

Basement underpinning is a major construction project, it is not something that you decide on overnight (unless it is a  emergency situation, when your foundation was suddenly affected by major storm, or nearby construction).  This is a type of project for which you plan for in advance:

  • Get the detailed quotes from a number of reputable contractors
  • Determine the scope of work and completion date
  • Get the required permits yourself (or get your contractor to do that)   
  • Put together the required funds 

Always keep in mind that experienced basement underpinning contractor is not always available on short notice and might not be available to “start tomorrow”.  Once you determine who you are going to hire book your spot to make sure you have the team you wanted to go with, and do not have to settle for the second best.

 7 things to discuss with your underpinning contractor when you start to work on the project:
  • How deep is it possible dig out the basement?
  • Who takes care of the permits and permissions?
  • Is your contractor covered by insurance? For your information, basement underpinning does not fall into general insurance category, it is a specialty insurance with required coverage for up to 2, 000,000 
  • Do not hesitate to ask your contractor for references from the previous completed projects, also check their rating on and at Better Business Beureau
  • Detailed cost and overview of the project. You have to understand what will be done and methods used.
  • The time fame of the underpinning project has to be clearly stipulated – you would not want your contractor to juggle a few projects at the expense of your valuable time
  • Other expenses that may arise for the crew to get access to the foundation or once the project is finished , such as – moving water line, moving air-conditioning unit,  landscaping, sidewalk repair or resurfacing, trees/ shrubs removal.


Watertite is one of Toronto’s leading basement underpinning contractors with hundreds of successful projects to our name. Our many years of experience make us one of  the most capable companies when it comes to work with foundation. Why? Well, that is because our expert staff works quickly, efficiently, and at reasonable prices. When we say we will get the job done as fast as possible, we mean it! If you want to do it right, call Watertite!

Why hire Watertite for your underpinning project?


  • Experienced & reliable underpinning contractor
  • We have all the staff we need to complete the project faster
  • We have more than 25 year experience in underpinning projects
  • Detailed estimates, competitive pricing

We will provide you with detailed estimate, time-frames, and discuss all the necessary steps for the project to be completed faster. 

If you want  to start planning your basement underpinning project today, don’t hesitate to call us now at 416-410-5326.