Does Your Basement Show the Signs of Leaking?

leaky basement reapairsIn springtime the elevated levels of ground water due to snow and ice melting puts your basement at the risk of flooding.  With heavy rains in the forecast the risk of basement leaks and flooding drastically increases.  What sets apart the series of recent floods is that they happened not in the areas affected by floods before and came unexpected for unprepared residents. While you can not always have the flexibility to choose the area where you live, there are waterproofing steps that may help you to be better prepared or take in consideration when repairing your basement after the flood. Signs of leaking often means that you have a problem and waterproofing your basement properly is the solution.

Even if you were lucky enough not to be located in the zone of immediate flood, with springtime snow melting the ground water level goes up creating extra hydrostatic pressure around foundation of your house.  As the soil around and under your house fills with water and creates extra pressure, resulting in  extra tension affecting the weakest points in your house foundation.

Although you can minimise added water pressure by creating water drainage system around the house, the overall water absorbency factor by the soil can not be changed (such as soil containing more clay as opposed to sand) you can counterweight its effect by proper basement waterproofing.

The excess of moisture in your basement can not be overlooked as it is not purely a question of your basement functionality or aesthetics, it is a major factor in your house foundation stability.

With fluctuating spring temperatures the question of cracks in your foundation becomes even more pressing as, when temperature drops the ice fills the cracks expanding them: what was a minor hairline crack may become a major opening in the foundation in the matter of days.

Take extra care and pay extra attention when examining your basement for leaks in spring.

If you do notice:

  • dampness,
  • excess moisture
  • mold forming on the walls or around basement floor and corners
  • water leaking inside the basement

Contact Watertite Waterproofers for professional no charge onsite assessment.


If your basement is finished, some of the initial signs of leaky basement can be obstructed or not noticeable from the first glance. But if you do notice excessive moisture or damp smell in your basement and don’t have access to it please do call us 416-410-5326  or 416-533-9976 as we use thermal imaging to diagnose the leaks properly in those hard to reach places.

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