Basement Waterproofing Downtown Toronto

If your house is located downtown Toronto (Trinity Bellwoods, Little Italy, Cabbagetown, Corktown, Annex, King West Village) chances are it is an older building, or building expansion based on older foundation. The complexity and age of downtown Toronto infrastructure with frequent excavations and repair, even if the area is not directly adjacent to your house foundation has a direct impact on waterproofing of your basement. Not to mention vibration from traffic and subway system and close proximity of other buildings, and now more and more frequently high rise construction. These factors combined with the age of foundations of residential and commercial buildings, along with aged concrete foundations built according to outdated standards makes your foundation more vulnerable and prone to leaking.

Do you live Downtown Toronto and your house is older than 30 years?

Inspect your basement on regular basis for cracks and leaks! Start with your house exterior – if it shows diagonal cracks on the exterior that are widening from month to month, the chances are it is your foundation has lost the stability and its integrity is compromised leading to leaks in the basement. Once discovered the problems like this may require drastic measures. While strengthening foundation with properly done underpinning you may also look at expanding your living space in the basement – turning it into extra family room, or rent it out for extra income.

Whether it is cracked foundation, foundation compromised by older tree roots, or simply leaking caused by ageing of the building, the problem has to be addressed immediately by calling professionals for free inspection. Left unattended or ignored the leaky basement problem will never go away, and only will become a bigger problem in the long run.

Our team of professional experts Downtown Toronto will be able to do a free professional assessment of your leaky basement and offer effective solution.


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